Getting to The Eld House is a breeze. For your convienience, we have added a an easy to use google map below. Simply enter your starting (origin) location and click “Get Directions” and you will be on your way.

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Directions to The Eld House

  1. From I-5 Take Exit #104 onto US-101 N
  2. Go 7.7 miles
  3. Take the OLD HWY 101 NW Exit and
  4. Continue < 0.1 miles
  5. Exit onto SEXTON DR NW
  6. Go 0.3 miles
  7. Turn Right onto STEAMBOAT ISLAND RD NW
  8. Go 0.3 miles
  9. Bear Right on SUNRISE BEACH RD NW
  10. Go 0.8 miles

When you arrive at The Eld House (5531 Sunrise Beach Rd NW), you should see The Eld House Sign on your right hand side.

We look forward to seeing you. Don’t forget, if you need any further direction, you can always call us at (360) 866-2356 and we will guide you on in.

Thank you for choosing The Eld House,

Christopher and Jennifer Wagner

Bed and Breakfast